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How much does it cost to resize a ring with Whiteflash?

Within the first year of your purchase, Whiteflash offers one free resize. You can read the full Whiteflash resizing policy here.

Whiteflash will cover all the labour and materials for the free resize, but the cost of shipping and insurance there and back is your responsibility.

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Can any ring be resized by Whiteflash?

Even though Whiteflash offers free resizing for rings, unfortunately there are limits to which rings can be resized.

Very small or very large rings may not be able to be resized if they are near the upper or lower limit of the size for that style. This is especially true for rings with side stones e.g. pave settings, where changing the circumference of the ring can affect how it holds the side stones in place.

James Allen Pave setting

Falling outside of the recommended range

There is a limit to how much a ring can be resized without the ring needing to be remanufactured, particularly if it is being made larger. When a ring is being made large, the metal it is essentially being stretched. If this metal is stretched too far, it can become too thin and therefore weak. If this is the case, then the ring will need to be remanufactured, rather than resized.

Design style: rings with a full eternity band

Some styles can’t be resized at all. A ring with a full eternity band (ie. with diamonds all the way around), can only be made smaller by having extra metal inserted into it and can’t be made larger at all.

Eternity ring cannot be returned to james allen

Upon receipt and inspection of your ring, you will be notified prior to any work being done to discuss the charge to remanufacture your ring.

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Best for Diamond Quality

Why we recommend Whiteflash:

Whiteflash is an excellent choice if you’re looking for the very highest quality round brilliant or Princess cut diamond.

There are very few jewelers on- or offline who can match them for their range of top quality stones, and the excellent information they provide ensures you can make a truly informed decision and get the very best stone available.

Recent additions of 'A Cut Above' lab-grown diamonds cements them as focusing on only offering the highest quality diamonds possible.

  • Highest quality diamonds with the A Cut Above range
  • Good selection of designer ring settings - you don't just need to buy their own brand
  • Offers a personal touch to their service - they're not just another online retailer

How to get your ring resized by Whiteflash

To get your ring resized, just follow the simple two step process below:

  1. Contact the Whiteflash customer service team at 1-877-612-6770. Advise the representative that you wish to return your order for resizing.
  2. Package up your item safely and securely and organise an insured courier to mail it back to Whiteflash.

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Recommendation when buying a ring

Whiteflash resizing

Determining your ring size is tricky especially if you have no idea on how to measure your finger. Whiteflash have an excellent ring sizer page that has loads of handy tips on how to find your correct ring size. Click through to the Whiteflash ring size guide here.

You can find tips for finding your ring size with instructions on how to measure the finger, convert from other (non US) measurement units, they even have an on-screen ring size tool here.

Finally if you are unsure about your ring size, go slightly larger as it easier to resize down than up.