Why does Ringspo provide information and advice for free?

A common question I get asked is why I provide all of the information and advice on www.ringspo.com for free. And it’s an understandable question.

Receiving ‘thank you’ emails from people telling me how much my advice helped them is extremely fulfilling and I love knowing that I have made their proposal even more special than it would have been otherwise.

Seriously, it is amazing to know that I have been able to have a positive impact at such a happy time in peoples’ lives.

But it isn’t the only reason that I do what I do.

I also have ‘affiliate’ relationships with several jewelers which means that if I someone clicks a link to a retailer on my website, through an email, or from a PDF download then I may receive a commission if that person then makes a purchase.

The commission comes out of the retailer’s profit margin and does not affect the price paid by the customer.

It’s a win-win for both of us – if you’re a reader of Ringspo you get advice to help you make a confident decision on your engagement ring, a more beautiful diamond and more value. And the commissions mean I can spend more time creating content and helping more people make the right choice with their diamond.

If I’m compensated by jewelers, how can I be impartial?

A great question!  I have around 12-14 retailers that I refer people to or source recommendations from. This number changes sometimes, depending on whether I find someone new and great to recommend, or if I decide to end a partnership with a retailer that I feel no longer meets the standard I expect.

I put the retailers that I recommend most frequently on my recommended retailers page, but I have several others that I don’t list on the site.

Because I have relationships with a large number of retailers, it means that I can recommend the jeweler that is best for each individual enquiry. Some retailers are better for non-round diamonds, some offer blingier designer settings, some are better for when the budget is slim.

I only recommend the engagement ring retailers who I believe offer the best choice, the best prices and the best service. I am frequently approached by new retailers to asking me to recommend them, but unless they are offering a higher quality of diamond or better service than the retailers that I currently recommend then I turn them down.

Do you just recommend the diamond that makes you the most money?

I only recommend diamonds that I truly believe offer the best balance between beauty and value.

My reputation (the internet has a long memory!) and, more importantly, my ability to sleep at night are much more important to me than a few dollars.

Between them, my recommended retailers offer around a million diamonds that I can search to find a recommendation, which is enough to cater to almost any requirement.

Several of my retail partners also price match, so if a better deal seems to be available elsewhere then I will lobby to get it matched when making a recommendation.

But sometimes another retailer – one I don’t partner with – will be able to offer a better deal than one of my recommended retailers. And that’s OK. If a better deal is available from somewhere else, I’ll always let you know.


Hopefully you have found the information on this website useful and it has helped you

If you would like direct help to make sure you get the most beautiful ring at the best possible price, then please get in touch using the enquiry form below.

However, if you feel that you are armed with enough information to make your final decision and you want to go it alone on your purchase then I have a favor to ask you.

Before you buy, it would be massively appreciated if you would come back to this site prior to purchasing your engagement ring and click through the link on the recommended retailers page before making your final purchase to make it more likely that a commission is registered.

There’s no obligation to, and I will never know if you do or don’t, but it would be a much appreciated way for you to say thank you for any help and guidance that this website has provided.

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