Channel set diamond rings

Everything you need to know about channel set engagement rings

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Channel set diamond rings are a popular choice to add some extra sparkle and bling to what could otherwise be a plain setting style.

In a channel setting, a series of smaller diamonds are placed in a row around the ring band – either a short row of just a few stones on the top half, or a complete circle, all the way around the ring.

channel setting

Channel set rings are also popular as wedding rings, or as gifts to mark an anniversary e.g. an ‘eternity ring’ with diamond channel set all the way around the ring band is a popular present to celebrate 10 years of marriage.

As the name suggests, the diamonds in channel set rings are set in a channel, with just the top of the stones visible:

Channel Setting

This holds them extremely securely and also gives them a good measure of protection.

On this page we’re going to look at:

  • What’s good about channel set engagement rings
  • What’s not so good
  • A range of channel setting ring styles

By the end of the page you should have a good idea of what to look for with channel engagement rings and hopefully have some inspiration for your ring too.

What’s good about channel set engagement rings?

Channel set rings are secure

The alternative to the channel setting for featuring diamonds on the band of a ring is the pavé setting (pronounced pa-vay), where each of the small diamonds are held in place by tiny prongs.

These prongs are very fragile and prone to be damaged if the ring isn’t carefully looked after, which can result in the tiny diamonds becoming loose and possibly even being lost.

The channel setting holds the side stones extremely securely in the setting, making them one less thing to worry about.

Channel set diamonds are protected

Like the bezel ring, channel set rings give excellent protection to the diamonds that are enclosed in the channel.

The outer edge of diamonds (known as the ‘girdle’) can be quite fragile, so having them protected by the metal sides of the channel is a big advantage to prevent them getting chipped.

Channel settings can increase the total carat weight of your ring considerably

Buying a ring with a significant center stone can be expensive. For example, if you were looking at a 1.5 carat round brilliant diamond with good cut, color and clarity, it would cost around US$12,000. You can check out today’s prices of a 1.5 carat round brilliant diamond here. Then you would have to add the cost of the setting on top of that.

But a channel cut setting with 0.6 carats added to a 0.9 carat center stone would allow you to hit the same 1.5 carat mark in a different way for significantly less.

This would allow you to hit 1.5 carats of total carat weight for around $7,000.

There are a variety of channel set diamond styles, to customise to your choice

The diamonds within a channel setting can be a range of shapes, which can give your ring a very different feel, depending on which one you choose. Check out some of the options available here:

What’s bad about channel set engagement rings?

Channel set diamonds can be difficult to resize

If a ring has a diamonds set all the way around the band it will be very difficult, if not impossible, to resize it.

Most channel set diamond rings only have diamonds on the top half of the band, which means that they can be resized slightly, but the amount that they can be resized is restricted compared to a solid metal band.

Because the diamonds have been laid into a channel cut specifically to fit them, making the ring much larger or much smaller will change the shape of the channel, which could mean that the diamonds are less secure in the future.

Channel settings can be difficult to clean

The side stones are protected by the channel, but this also makes them much harder to access and more difficult to clean.

When a ring is worn every day, it’s inevitable that it will pick up some grime and all engagement rings need to be cleaned reasonably regularly if they are going to stay shiny and sparkly. Unlike some simpler settings, which can be polished at home, to ensure that a channel set ring continues to look its best it’ll need to be polished by a jeweler using an ultrasonic cleaner:

ultrasonic cleaner

An ultrasonic cleaner blasts the ring with high-pitched soundwaves to remove the dirt and ensure that the hard-to-reach channel-set stones are polished up as good as new

Limited customisation to the channel stone quality

As you learn about diamonds and the factors that affect how well they reflect light and sparkle, you may naturally want to ensure that the quality and color of the stones used in your channel setting are equal to that used in your center stone.

However, most jewelers offer standard color, clarity and cut grades for the diamonds used in a channel settings, and these are often graded lower than the color and clarity grades that you are likely to choose for your center stone.

Although this might be a little frustrating, it actually doesn’t matter too much. The diamonds used in the channel setting will be too small for any clarity issues or slightly lower color grade to make a difference at all – they will still look great.

Channel set engagement ring settings

There’s a huge amount of variety available with channel set engagement rings, from changing the shape of the center stone to the colors of the stones used in the channel itself.

I’ve selected a few examples below to give you an idea of what is out there, but it is by no means a definitive list. Click through on any of the rings to find out more about it, or to check out the other channel engagement ring options at each retailer.

Princess cut channel set diamond ring

This classic channel setting has 12 princess cut diamonds set into the band, with a total weight of half a carat. As you can see, it’s a great way to add considerable extra sparkle to what would otherwise be a very straight forward solitaire ring. Princess cut diamonds make a great choice for a channel setting because they sit flush next to each other, with no gap at all, forming an unbroken wall of brilliant sparkle.

Princess cut channel set engagement ring

Find out more about this channel set engagement ring at Blue Nile here.

Tapered ‘bowtie’ channel set diamond ring

Tapering the ring band towards the center diamond is a great way to increase the elegance of an engagement ring. This ring features 8 channel set diamonds, with a weight of 0.3 carats, channel-set into the band, with a taper that draws the eyes towards the center stone.

bow tie channel James allen e1486290842349

View this ring, together with 32 other channel set diamond engagement rings at James Allen, here.

Channel set ring with diamond and sapphire side stones

Mixing up the stones used in the channel setting can also be a great way to differentiate your engagement ring. This ring alternates diamonds with blue sapphires, with a great contrast between the colors.

Zac posen channel emerald diamond

Find out more about this channel set engagement ring with sapphires at Blue Nile here.

Designer channel set diamond ring from Tacori

tacori 2510 reverse crescent graduated diamond engagement ring in platinum gi 32141 f

Adding ornate details can also add to the vintage feel of an engagement ring. This ring from designer Tacori incorporates millgrain detailing (the tiny spots you can see on the edge of the ring), which is one of the oldest decorative metalworking techniques and is often found on vintage engagement rings.

See this and other Tacori engagement rings at Whiteflash here.

Designer channel set diamond ring from Verragio

There’s almost no limit to how decorative an engagement ring can be, as designers find interesting and innovating ways to incorporate more diamonds into the ring band. This ring from designer ring manufacturer Verragio includes channel set round diamonds in the band, but also diamonds set into the side of the band and into the side of the ring head, to ensure that it is dazzling from any angle.

Click here to get a closer look at this Verragio engagement ring.

verragio par 3003r paradiso 4 prong channel bead set diamond engagement ring in platinum gi 31281 f e1428885828733