7 Carat Marquise Diamond Ring

Ultimate Guide To Buying A Seven Carat Marquise Diamond

7 carat marquise diamonds are a beautiful choice – their shape gives them unparalleled elegance and the incredible flashes of sparkling light they deliver are stunning.

Marquises are one of the less common choices for a 7 carat diamond ring, which means that there may not be a huge selection available when you are looking.

However, that doesn’t mean that you should just settle for the first 7 carat marquise you see. This guide will help you avoid sub-par stones and ensure you get a beautiful and brilliant four carat marquise that will be the perfect centerpiece for your ring.

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Key takeaway:

There are many factors that affect price and value of a 7 carat marquise diamond and no two marquises are the same, even if the specs on the certificate indicate that they should be.

Why working with a diamond specialist makes sense for such a significant investment

While smaller diamonds may be virtually interchangeable, at this carat weight there can be a significant different between two diamonds that look similar on paper.

Their specs may be similar but they are worth very different values.

A diamond specialist will take the time to understand what you are looking for, present several options (often sourced through personal connections and otherwise inaccessible) and guide you towards the diamond which is the absolute best fit for you.

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7 carat marquise diamond price

As a broad range, the cost of a 7 carat marquise diamond can vary from $75,000 to $324,000.

7 carat marquise diamond price

To understand how much a 7 carat marquise diamond costs, we conducted research across three online diamond aggregation services which collectively have over 1,000,000 diamonds available to choose from, and then checked this against the most widely-accepted list of wholesale diamond prices.

$75,000 to $324,000 is a significant range, and the price you will pay will depend on the color, clarity and the ‘make’ if the stone ie. how well the diamond has been shaped.

With diamonds, you generally get what you pay for, so ‘cheap’ 7 carat marquise shaped diamonds will likely have a low-price for a reason – this may be significant inclusions (or ‘flaws’), yellow tinges of color or an undesirable shape.

But, when buying a diamond, there is always a balance that needs to be found between the 4Cs and the fifth C – cost. Where that balance lies for you is an individual choice, so it can be worth looking at a few options to where you are comfortable compromising, and where you aren’t.

How much do 7 carat marquise diamonds cost?

The table below will give you an idea of how color and clarity affect a 7 carat diamond’s price:


If a price doesn’t appear, it means that no diamonds at that spec were available at the time this article was written.

One thing to note is that marquise diamonds are not commonly chosen by diamond cutters to be transformed into higher carat weight stones as their elongated shape means that there is a lot of ‘wastage’ from the original stone.

More than any other shape, marquise diamonds can have significant changes in the prices between two stones with similar specs on paper, so the prices above are very much just a guide.

Factors such as availability at the time you are looking, and then specific of the individual diamond (e.g. the L/W ratio) will affect the price of any individual stone. However, the prices quoted should be a good guide to understand the relative pricing of different combinations of color and clarity for 7 carat marquise diamonds.

7 carat marquise diamond size

Marquise diamonds are one of the ‘spreadiest’ shapes of any diamond, which means that for a given carat weight, they appear larger than other shapes.

A typical A typical 7 carat marquise diamond may be around 19.88mm × 9.44mm × 6.06mm.

Here’s how it looks compared to a 6 carat and an 8 carat:

7 carat marquise diamond size comparison

One important thing to understand when you are looking at marquise diamonds is that carat weight is a measure of weight rather than size.

Carat weight is therefore spread out throughout the volume of the stone ie. length, width and depth.

This can mean that two 7 carat diamonds can actually appear very different sizes when set into a ring and viewed from the top.

The benefit of this for marquise diamonds is that a 7 carat marquise will ‘face up’ significantly larger than other pointed shapes like a 7 carat pear shaped diamond ring and much larger than squarer shapes like a 7 carat heart diamond ring.

7 carat marquise diamond L/W ratio

Length-width ratio is, unsurprisingly, the ratio between the length and the width of a diamond:

7 carat marquise diamond length width ratio

This can hugely change what an marquise cut diamond looks like

For smaller marquise diamonds, I usually recommend a L/W ratio of between 1.75 and 2.25, as these all deliver a pleasing shape and should face up at a good size for their carat weight:

7 carat marquise diamond length width comparison

However, for higher carat weights, a longer stone can look too large, and you may find that a stone at around 1.75 length-width ratio looks better on the finder than a more elongated stone.

Lower L/W ratio marquise diamonds are also generally priced lower that higher L/W ratios, as they use more of the rough diamond (which means less needs to be wasted) and there are more of them available (law of supply and demand coming into effect). 

Watch out: bow tie effect

One thing to watch out for with higher carat weight marquise diamonds is that the ‘bow tie’ effect may be more noticeable.

The bow tie is an unappealing dark band that can run across the center of some marquises:

7 carat marquise diamond bow tie effect

This effect is often more noticeable on shallower stones with a high L/W ratio, as the light is reflected off the bottom of the stone (the pavilion facets) at the wrong angle to be reflected back to your eye, causing the dark band where light is lost.

While it’s not uncommon for a marquise to have some bow tie, The best way to avoid is it to ensure that you have access to high quality 7 carat marquise diamonds which have been cut to avoid the bow tie, and to specifically look for it when reviewing your options.

7 carat marquise diamond color

As you likely know, diamond color is graded on a GIA-developed scale from D to Z, although most diamonds used in jewelry fall into the D to M range:

7 Color scale

Higher carat weight diamonds tend to show up color more easily than smaller stones, especially in the corners where they sparkle less.

If you want to ensure your diamond doesn’t have a yellow tint, it’s important to try and keep the color as high up the scale as possible.

On the other side of the equation is the effect color has on price.

In most shapes, the price difference between an H color, I color and J color diamond can be significant,

With a 7 carat marquise, the color grade you choose can be dependant on the color of the ring setting you are going to pair the diamond with. If you are choosing a white colored setting (platinum or white gold), then I color delivers a good balance of white appearance and value.

However, if you are choosing a yellow gold setting, then you can reduce the color of your diamond to J without it looking yellow, as it will still look white compared to the warm tones of the setting.

7 carat marquise diamond color recommendation

7 carat marquise diamond clarity

Clarity is a measure of the presence of inclusions (or flaws) within a diamond.

The clarity scale runs:

7 GIA diamond Clarity scale

Marquise diamonds are a brilliant cut, which means that they are optimised to reflect light back from the bottom of the stone in the form of brilliant sparkle. This can mean that inclusions can be difficult to see under the facets, which is a good thing!

However, at the same time their elongated shape means they have a large ‘table’ (the flat area on the top of the diamond), which can mean that inclusions located here are easier to see. At higher carat weights, this issue is compounded as a bigger diamond means a bigger window where flaws can be seen.

A good starting point for 7 carat marquise diamond clarity is SI1:

7 carat marquise diamond clarity

However, depending on the diamonds that are available at the time you are looking, you may need to increase this to VS2, or even higher, to ensure that the diamond is ‘eye clean’ and no flaws can be seen.

Pictures of 7 carat marquise diamond rings on the hand

Higher carat weight rings mean that additional considerations can be needed to be taken into account, depending on the ring setting style chosen.

These images of 7 carat marquise diamond rings on the finger will show you how big your ring could actually look.

7 carat marquise diamond three stone ring

Three stone three stone ring rings look great when paired with almost any other shape as the side stones.

7 carat marquise stone trilogy diamond ring

Tapered side stones can work particularly well because the side stones make the transition from the long broad side of the diamond to the narrow band more gentle and more elegant.

7 carat marquise diamond solitaire ring

Solitaire settings are a great match for [shape] diamonds – the simple style is a great pairing with the elegance of the diamond.

7 carat solitaire marquise diamond ring

A major trend with settings is super slim and petite bands and prongs, which are effective in making the stone itself look larger.

While these can look great, some care does need to be taken with higher carat weights, as an extremely narrow band may not be wide enough to support the stone. It may twist on the finger and become uncomfortable.

If you’re choosing a solitaire setting to match a diamond solitaire ring , I recommend you choose a band of at least 2.5mm width.

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