Affiliate Disclosure

Since 2009, the FTC in the USA has required that all websites ‘materially disclose’ all relationships between themselves and vendors or service providers. I’m not based in the USA, but I want to do the same in the spirit of of openness and transparency.

Links that you click from Ringspo to any other website may be affiliate links. What this means is that I may receive compensation if you click through to a retailers website and you then make a purchase from that website within a set time period.

How it works

If you click through from a website a ‘cookie’ is registered in your browser and if you purchase from that retailer using the same device and the same browser within 30 days, I may receive a commission.

The purchase will not cost you any extra as a result of clicking an affiliate link and if you purchase from another device or a browser then I won’t receive the commission.




I have relationships with several retailers who I believe offer the best choice, the best prices and the best services on the web. 

Some retailers are better for fancy shaped diamonds, some offer blingier designer settings, some are better for when the budget is slim.

Having a relationship with many retailers allows me to be impartial with my advice. I can review over half a million stones and ten thousand styles of ring to find the one that is perfect for you, at a price that works for you.

Clicking before buying

Hopefully you have found the information on this website interesting and useful, and the search tools have help you find your perfect ring at a great price.

If so, it would be massively appreciated if you would come back to this site prior to purchasing your engagement ring and click through the link on the recommended retailers page before making your final purchase to make it more likely that a commission is registered. There’s no obligation to, and I will never know if you do or don’t, but it would be a much-appreciated way for you to say thank you for any help and guidance that this website has provided.


All use of the website is subject to terms and conditions.

Please get in touch if you have any questions at all about anything on this page.