Shanina Shaik’s engagement ring

The ultimate guide to Shanina Shaik’s diamond ring

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The stunning Shanina Shaik’s engagement ring is anything but ordinary, and her proposal story is certainly unique as well! Then-boyfriend DJ Ruckus (Gregory Andrews) popped the question on December 26th, 2016, while on holiday in the Bahamas, on cousin Lenny Kravitz’s private beach. Oh yeah, he had a little help from Denzel Washington, who delivered the rings via private jet to the location.

1 Shanina Shaiks engagement ring Shanina Shaik and Gregory Andrews wedding1

That wasn’t a typo, DJ Ruckus really did propose with two gorgeous custom rings. He presented Shanina Shaik with the two rings nestled together in a large pink box. Shanina chose the flat 6-sided solitaire ring and announced it via an Instagram post.

The couple shared a whirlwind romance and had only been dating since June of 2015. When asked about moving so fast Shanina responded, “it was really quick, but it feels right.

If you’re looking for all the details about the engagement ring that captured Shanina Shaik’s heart, you’ve come to the right place!

You’ll find out:

  • What style Ronda Rousey’s engagement ring is
  • What size the diamonds on Ronda Rousey’s engagement ring are
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Shanina Shaik engagement ring pictures

Talk about difficult decisions! The two rings presented to Shanina Shaik couldn’t be more different. One was ornate and diamond shaped with a white gold band, while the other was more minimalistic, featuring a hexagon-cut diamond and a yellow gold band.

2 Shanina Shaiks engagement ring proposal

The beautiful bride-to-be announced her decision with this sweet couple selfie on her official Instagram on January 4th, 2016. This allowed us a perspective of the engagement ring when worn, and a good look at the ring’s side band.

3 Shanina Shaiks engagement ring instagram announcement

I certainly can’t say definitively, but this spectacular personal touch DJ Ruckus had custom worked for the back of the hexagon-cut engagement ring might have sealed the deal. The band features the couple’s initials engraved out of diamonds and amethysts, Shanina’s birthstone.

4 Shanina Shaiks engagement ring back details 2

Shanina sported a ring with a noticiably larger profile during her beachside wedding. It was still her beloved hexagon-cut, but upgraded with a thick halo.

5 Shanina Shaiks engagement ring halo upgrade 2

In keeping with tradition Shanina Shaik received two wedding bands from DJ Ruckus as well. From a shoot Shanina did with Brides magazine we get our best close-up shot of both her dazzling engagement ring, and accompanying bands.

6 Shanina Shaiks engagement ring wedding bands

What style setting is Shanina Shaik’s engagement ring?

Well this is an interesting question. Shanina Shaik’s engagement ring was a bezel-set solitaire, until it underwent a transformation and picked up a bezel-set solitaire. The setting itself is a timeless yellow gold.

7 Shanina Shaiks Engagement Ring Solitaire Close Up 2

A bezel setting is a wise choice given the shape of Shanina’s diamond. The defining feature of a bezel engagement ring is a metal frame that surrounds the edge of the center stone, securely holding it in place. This protective feature is crucial for a diamond with so many points and thin edges; as such stones are much more prone to chipping than their rounded counterparts.

The main negative that is often given about bezel engagement rings is that because they wrap all the way around the side of the center diamond, they stop light from entering the side of the stone, making it sparkle less.

8 Shanina Shaiks engagement ring bezel halo close up 1

Shanina Shaik ensured her engagement ring would shine as much as possible by opting to add a bezel halo. By surrounding her unique center stone with a ring of smaller melee diamonds she made sure that the ring still has incredible sparkle while maintaining optimum center stone protection.

What shape is Shanina Shaik’s engagement ring diamond?

The center stone of Shanina’s ring is a very unique and rarely seen hexagon cut diamond. It is believed that hexagons represent union and balance, two of the most important elements you want in a marriage.

9 Shanina Shaiks engagement ring hexagon cut

How many carats is Shanina Shaik’s engagement ring?

While no figures have been released about the carat weight of Shanina Shaik’s engagement ring, we can estimate the approximate carat weight from the size of the stone.

We can estimate the approximate carat weight of Shanina Shaik’s center stone as 3 carats. To estimate the total carat weight of Shanina’s upgraded ring we can look at the minimum carat total weight of a similar bezel-set halo setting.

10 Shanina Shaiks engagement ring similar setting calculation

This 14k yellow gold bezel halo setting has a total carat weight minimum of 0.60 carats, however as Shanina Shaik’s engagement ring does not feature diamonds on its band, we can adjust the setting weight down to approximately 0.30 carats.

So, the carat weight of Shanina Shaik’s engagement ring is approximately 3.3 carats in total, with a three carat hexagon cut center stone.

Where is Shanina Shaik’s engagement ring from?

Shanina Shaik’s engagement ring and both wedding bands were designed by celebrity favorite Lorraine Schwartz. DJ Ruckus worked closely with the designer to create a highly unique and personalized dream ring that is truly one-of-a-kind.

On her big day, the gorgeous bride also wore matching chandelier earrings and a necklace made of pink and white diamonds, designed by Lorraine Schwartz as well.

11 Shanina Shaiks engagement ring wedding day 2

How much did Shanina Shaik’s engagement ring cost? And what’s it really worth?!

While the price of Shanina Shaik’s engagement ring is not known, pieces from the designer can cost upwards of $500,000, and typically do.

However, if we are looking to price a similar ring, then we can get a rough estimate of the value of the ring by looking at typical costs for diamonds of similar quality. As they are such an unusual choice it is exceedingly hard to find prices on hexagon cut diamonds, so I will be pricing asscher cut diamonds, as they are the most similar in appearance cut, while still being widely available.

12 Shanina Shaiks engagement ring hexagon cut vs asscher cut

Starting with the setting, a 14k yellow gold bezel halo setting for an asscher cut diamond is around $4,000:

13 Shanina Shaiks engagement ring setting price

For most engagement rings, the major cost is the center stone. To understand how much this could cost, we’ll look at two different options to give us a price range:

  • top quality diamonds, with the highest grades for color and clarity
  • ‘regular’ quality diamonds, which have been graded as lower quality, but which will actually look identical to most people.

Shanina Shaik’s ring cost with top quality diamonds

As the asscher cut is a less common choice, there are definitely savings to be made in comparison to a round brilliant. A 3 carat asscher cut diamond with the top color grade (D) and top clarity grade (Internally flawless) costs around $100,700.

14 Shanina Shaiks engagement ring top quality diamond

For comparison a round brilliant with the same stats can be had for approximately $200,600.

The total cost for the combined setting and center stone in Shanina Shaik’s engagement ring could be around $104,700.

Shanina Shaik’s ring with ‘regular’ quality diamonds

Choosing the highest grades for color and quality isn’t strictly necessary to create a stunning diamond ring. In fact, reducing the color and clarity by just a few grades means that a diamond will be virtually indistinguishable to the naked eye, but will cost a whole lot less.

If the color of the center stone is reduced to G and the clarity to VS2, the cost would be roughly $36,000.

15 Shanina Shaiks engagement ring regular quality diamond

This would bring the price of Shanina Shaik’s engagement ring down to approximately $40,000, a difference of approximately $65,000.

So, all things said and done, the total value of Shanina Shaik’s engagement ring is somewhere between $40,000 and $104,700.

Shanina Shaik’s Engagement Ring Copy

While admittedly a bit of a challenge, the unique style of Shanina Shaik’s engagement ring can be yours, and I’ve got two options to consider.

The first option is an 18k yellow gold solitaire bezel setting, although depicted below with a round brilliant center stone this setting can be made for any shape and/or size center stone. With an asscher cut diamond in the center, the trendy yet minimalistic look of Shanina Shaik’s engagement ring pre-halo can be achieved.

16 Shanina Shaiks engagement ring bezel setting copy 2

Click here to find out more about this Lola engagement ring at my recommended retailer Brian Gavin.

The second option features a 14k yellow gold bezel setting, as well as a bezel halo, mimicking Shanina’s upgraded ring. The overall shape of the halo as well as the asscher center stone also gives this choice the hexagonal feel of Shanina Shaik’s engagement ring. Additionally, this setting features 80 melee diamonds with a combined carat weight of 0.60 carats.

13 Shanina Shaiks engagement ring setting price 1

Click here to find out more information about this 14k Yellow Gold hand-engraved two-side pave engagement ring.

Lastly, if you love the hexagon style of Shanina’s ring, you can cheat a little, by substituting the hard-to-find hexagon diamond for a round brilliant diamond halo setting. Click here to find out more about this 18kt vintage-look hexagonal halo with 0.35 carats of melee diamonds in the setting.

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