Selling a diamond: price calculator



If you’re looking to sell your diamond, it can be difficult to know exactly what you will receive for it.

We’ve built a simple calculator to give you some guidance on the approximate amount you could expect to receive if you were to sell.

Just enter some details about your ring to calculate its approximate value on the secondary market.

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When building our calculator, we included the following assumptions:

Assumptions in the diamond value calculator

Diamond price

The diamond prices used in the calculator are based on a markdown of 50% of the 2022 retail market prices for diamonds of a particular shape, carat weight and quality. This current fair market price may be significantly lower than your original purchase price.

Diamond melee prices

Small ‘melee’ diamonds that are used in the setting e.g. around the halo, do not have any value in the calculator. Removing them can be an expense for a jeweler, rather than a value-add.

Precious metal prices

Precious metal prices (ie. the gold or platinum in the setting) are costed at 70% of the Mayy 2022 spot price.

‘Signed’ or luxury brands

Luxury branded rings e.g. Tiffany, Cartier, Bvlgari etc, are priced 30% higher than generic branded diamond rings to reflect the greater secondary market for these items.

Calculate how much your diamond ring is worth

To calculate the approximate resale value of your diamond ring, just complete the fields in the calculator below, then click ‘calculate’:

diamond price calculator

Note: The value given in our calculator is only an approximate value, determined by the inputs you supply. The actual current value will depend on many factors other than just these inputs e.g. current market demand, condition, etc.

It should be noted that this calculator is only valid for single diamonds, not the total carat weight of diamond jewelry. If you are selling a diamond bracelet, a necklace or looking to understand the value of a paid of diamond earrings, this calculator won’t be able to help.

While we have created a calculator that takes into account as many factors as possible to help you calculate your diamond’s value, the best way to really understand its value is to enquire of someone who is willing to give you money in exchange for your ring.

If you are genuinely interesting in selling, to get an accurate guide, we encourage you to contact one of the following to receive an offer: