Jessica Biel’s engagement ring

The ultimate guide to Jessica’s diamond ring

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Jessica Biel’s engagement ring managed to keep a pretty low profile until fairly recently.

The Hollywood glam couple of Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake have been notoriously tight-lipped on all details concerning their private life, but it’s no secret that the two have been madly in love and going strong for twelve years.

Jessica Biels Engagement Ring Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake

Timberlake and Biel first got together back in 2007, when he asked permission from a mutual friend to ask her out by telephone. He stated, “I had to be pretty persistent in order to get her to say yes. But I have a fair amount of tenacity and if I want something I stick to it. And in the end she agreed.”

The “SexyBack” singer proposed on a snowboard slope in Jackson, Wyoming, after a leisurely four years of dating. The lovebirds were married in a lavish ceremony in Puglia Italy, and spent their honeymoon in the picturesque Italian countryside.

If you are looking for all the details about Jessica Biel’s engagement ring, you’ve come to the right place!

You’ll find out:

  • What style Jessica Biel’s engagement ring is
  • What size the diamond on Jessica Biel’s engagement ring is
  • How much Jessica Biel’s engagement ring is worth

Jessica Biel engagement ring pictures

Jessica Biels Engagement Ring Instagram View

Well, Jessica Biel finally gave us a good close-up look at her jaw-dropping engagement ring, and it only took her until 2017! She captioned this cheeky Instagram photo with: “What, you thought I wasn’t gonna get a mani for my date with my husband’s boyfriend, @jimmyfallon?”

From this image we can make out the double halo feature of her ring, the fact that her center stone appears to be a cushion; and we can see a small blue side stone peeping out.

Now here’s a close-up really worth talking about. Yep, that is definitely a cushion amid two dazzling halos.

Jessica Biels Engagement Ring Close Up

Here we have an excellent quality side-view of Jessica’s clearly vintage-inspired ring. That lovely blue stone is definitely an Aquamarine, and we can see that the ring also features pavé half-way down its sides.

Jessica Biels Engagement Ring Side View

What style setting is Jessica Biel’s engagement ring?

Jessica’s ring is a platinum double halo setting featuring a cushion cut diamond center stone. Notable details include a lovely aquamarine gemstone on either side of the center diamond, pavé sides, and the use of blackened platinum, a technique which creates a unique, vintage effect.

Jessica Biels Engagement Ring Setting

Perhaps the most interesting feature of Jessica Biel’s engagement ring is the inclusion of aquamarine gemstones. Aquamarine’s name comes from the Latin for “seawater”, and it is said to keep sailors safe, and also enhance the happiness of marriages. I’m not sure that first part will come in handy, but the second bit will definitely be useful! Timberlake designed the ring with aquamarines because they are Jessica’s birthstone – how thoughtful!

Jessica Biels Engagement Ring Aquamarines

What shape is Jessica Biel’s engagement ring diamond?

The center stone of Jessica’s ring is a timeless cushion cut diamond. This classic shape is making a significant comeback, as more people realize that cushion cut diamonds offer an incredible combo of elegant style, brilliant sparkle, and great value.

Jessica Biels Engagement Ring Cushion Cut Diamond

Cushion cut diamonds are in lower demand than their much more common ‘round brilliant’ shape counterparts, resulting in lower prices. They also require a lot less wastage of the original rough diamond in their manufacture, so a larger finished gem can be created from a piece of rough stone,

How many carats is Jessica Biel’s engagement ring?

Jessica Biel’s center stone is an impressive 6 carats.

Jessica Biels Engagement Ring Carat Diamond Dimensions

By looking at a similar platinum double halo setting we can estimate that the approximate total carat weight of the ring is around 6.5 carats in total.

How much did Jessica Biel’s engagement ring cost? And what’s it really worth?!

Jessica Biel’s engagement ring cost JT a reported $130,000.  Let’s try to break that number down a little. A high quality (H color VS1 clarity) 6 carat cushion cut diamond is currently going for approximately $98,000 at one of my recommended retailers.

Jessica Biels Engagement Ring Carat Cushion Cut Price Comparison

Now factor in the cost of that similar setting we used earlier which is roughly $2,200, throw in a couple of melee sized aquamarines, which frankly, aren’t that pricey (maybe $60 total), and we have a rough figure of $100, 260.  That leaves an approximately $30,000 difference, which most probably went into designer and custom work fees.

Timberlake worked closely with an undisclosed jeweler to custom design Jessica’s ring himself.

In an interview Jessica revealed, “I had no say whatsoever in the ring. I don’t micromanage. He is fearless in his choices and has a real eye for design. And I’ll be honest: He has better taste than I do.”

Jessica Biel’s Engagement Ring Copy

While admittedly a bit of a challenge, the unique vintage-inspired style of Jessica Biel’s engagement ring can be yours, and I’ve come up with a few options for you to consider:

The first option is a double halo setting in 18k white gold, similar to Jessica Biel’s. This is an option that does not feature any pops of color, for those who don’t want to commit to the blue of Jessica’s aquamarines. Click here to find out more about this Duet Halo Diamond Engagement Ring from my recommended retailer Blue Nile.

Jessica Biels Engagement Ring Blue Nile Copy

The second option is a platinum setting which swaps out the ornate double halo for a more classic single one.  This ring provides the vintage feel of Jessica Biel’s engagement ring while also incorporating the subtle light blue of aquamarines into pavé along the sides. Click here to find out more about this Annabelle Ring from my recommended retailer Gemvara.

Jessica Biels Engagement Ring Gemvara Copy

This last option provides an even more overt vintage vibe, while also incorporating Jessica Biel’s signature aquamarines tucked into some elegant scroll detailing along the sides. While the shape of the halo does mimic the general shape of a cushion cut, the center stone in this ring is a traditional round brilliant, the most popular selection among engagement ring shoppers. Click here to find out more about this Melissa Ring from my recommended retailer Gemvara.

Jessica Biels Engagement Ring Gemvara Copy