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Blue Nile shipping time

When you purchase any item on Blue Nile, if will show you the date that you can expect to receive it, so you can see if that works with your timings.

This is displayed on the item description screen, and will depend on what you are ordering. If you are ordering a standard piece of jewelry e.g. a tennis bracelet, the shipping can be as soon as the next day. Click here to find out more about Blue Nile shipping.

However, if you are ordering an engagement ring that includes loose diamond, the shipping time can be anywhere from 7-14 days:

blue nile shipping on product page

This time allows for the diamond to be sourced from a supplier and matched to your ring setting, plus the ring setting to be sized to fit the wearer perfectly.

As well as on the product selection page, the date you should receive the item is also shown on the checkout page:

blue nile shipping shown on checkout

One thing to note is that this can depend on where you are located – the estimate may change, if you are overseas, for example.

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Blue Nile international shipping times

Country / RegionShipping Times
Australia3 – 10 days
Canada1 – 8 days, depending on province
China2 – 6 weeks
Europe1 – 3 business days
Guam3 – 6 days
Hong Kong (SAR)3 – 6 days
Japan2 – 8 days
Macau (SAR)4 – 7 days
Mexico2 – 8 days
New Zealand3 – 10 days
Northern Mariana Islands3 – 8 days
Puerto Rico2 – 5 days
Singapore3 – 7 days
Taiwan3 – 7 days
UAE (Dubai only)7 – 14 days
Virgin Islands1 – 3 days
APO/FPO/DPO7 – 13 days

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Where does Blue Nile ship from?

Blue Nile has several locations around US, but it’s their Seattle office which is responsible for operation and fulfilment.

European orders are sent from a manufacturing and distribution center in Ireland.

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Blue Nile shipping costs

As mentioned above, Blue Nile offers free shipping for any purchase you’ve made to anywhere in the world. Not only is shipping free, but insurance is also included.

The type of shipping that is offered free, however, will depend on the price of the item being shipped:

Ground shippingFree for orders under $500
Two day shippingFree for orders $500 – $1,500
Overnight shippingFree for orders over $1,500
Overnight shipping with Saturday delivery.Available to choose at checkout for an additional charge

If you need to speed up your order, Blue Nile do offer shipping upgrades in the checkout process for an additional charge. Click through here to find out more about Blue Nile shipping.

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And, if you are considering buying from Blue Nile and want to make sure that it will work with your timings, it’s a good idea to click through to see the shipping time for the item you’re interested in, to make sure that it works for you.