Whiteflash Ring Box

When you present your engagement ring, you want to make sure that your ring is presented in the best possible light, and the box that it is sitting in will undoubtedly contribute to that.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the Whiteflash ring box, as well as the box that it will actually arrive in when it’s posted to you.

Whiteflash box header

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On this page you’ll see the packaging we received when buying some diamond jewelry from Whiteflash. You can see Whiteflash’s official page on packaging here.

The Whiteflash Ring Box

The ring box itself is a nicely weighted red and black box that opens with an extremely satisfying feeling.

It’s made out of really weighty laminate, and feels very solid.

Once you open the box, your diamond will be sitting in some soft white velvet, showing it in its best possible light.

Whiteflash Ring Box min

This material is white which works really well to ensure that your diamond itself will look as white as possible, and reflect as much light as possible.

The Whiteflash Loose Diamond Box

If you order a loose diamond, you’ll get a very cool looking clear box that ‘suspends’ the diamond which shows it off in all it’s glory.

The loose diamond also comes with a jeweller’s loupe to closely inspect the diamond, and also a pronged implement to pick up the diamond.

Whiteflash box loose diamond

You also get a little diamond holder to further support the diamond.

Whiteflash loose diamond

Whiteflash’s packaging

When you receive your ring from Whiteflash, the ring box arrives inside a really nicely designed black box, which also holds the diamond’s grading report and a few other nice touches.

Whiteflash box

The box is opened with the tab on the front to show the ring box nestled inside.

Underneath is a sliding drawer which includes documentation about your jewelry and a microfibre cleaning cloth and a ring sizer.

Whiteflash box with drawer open

The documents that are supplied in the box are:

  • The diamond’s certificate or grading report
  • An invoice
  • Insurance/promotional flyer
  • A guide to caring for your new jewelry
Whiteflash box paper work
Best for Diamond Quality

Why we recommend Whiteflash:

Whiteflash is an excellent choice if you’re looking for the very highest quality round brilliant or Princess cut diamond.

There are very few jewelers on- or offline who can match them for their range of top quality stones, and the excellent information they provide ensures you can make a truly informed decision and get the very best stone available.

Recent additions of 'A Cut Above' lab-grown diamonds cements them as focusing on only offering the highest quality diamonds possible.

  • Highest quality diamonds with the A Cut Above range
  • Good selection of designer ring settings - you don't just need to buy their own brand
  • Offers a personal touch to their service - they're not just another online retailer

What box does Whiteflash jewelry actually show up in?

Nothing would give the game away more than an engagement ring arriving in shipping box with a retailer’s name obviously displayed on it. This is something to be aware of, as the shipment was an international shipment – the customs paperwork with Whiteflash branding was on the paperwork on one side of the box.

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Whiteflash box outside

This probably wouldn’t be the case if you’re in the United States, as there wouldn’t be a need for importing documentation.

Your diamond jewelry will arrive in a box with nothing to indicate that it is from Whiteflash. The shipping box will look something like this:

Whiteflash box front outside

Instead of having Whiteflash listed on the box anywhere, the sender is listed as Evergreen Research:

Whiteflash packaging address

As you can see, there’s very little danger that anyone would know that this box contained an engagement ring or other diamond jewelry.

Learn more about Whiteflash’s ring box here.