Ritani Shipping

If you’re looking to buy an engagement ring, it’s understandable that you’re keen to understand Ritani’s shipping time.

After all, you need to be able to plan your proposal around when the ring is going to arrive.

Thankfully, Ritani offers free shipping with fast delivery services. Just how fast will depend on what you order, and where you live.

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Ritani shipping time

When you purchase any item on Ritani, if will show you the date that you can expect to receive it, so you can see if that works with your timings.

This is displayed on the item description screen, and will depend on what you are ordering.

If you are ordering a loose diamond, this is usually 5 – 7 days.

ritani shipping on loose diamond

If you are buying a diamond set into a ring, the shipping time is usually 8-12 days:

Ritani shipping on ring detail page

This time allows for the diamond to be sourced from a supplier and matched to your ring setting, plus the ring setting to be sized to fit the wearer perfectly.

One thing to note is that this can depend on where you are located – the estimate may change, if you are overseas, for example.

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How does Ritani Shipping work?

Ritani ships orders within the U.S. via FedEx Priority Overnight and to Canada via FedEx Express Shipping. Once your item has been shipping, you’ll receive a confirmation, which means that it should be with you the next day.

Ritani do not share tracking numbers, for security purposes. However if you are concerned about your shipment, you can contact their customer service team to discuss.

International orders can be tracked through Borderfree.

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Excellent value for diamonds

Why we recommend Ritani:

Ritani have always offered beautifully ornate ring settings, but over the last few years have repositioned themselves offer some of the best value of any online jeweler for diamonds, both natural and lab-grown.

  • Beautiful settings
  • Very competitive prices for diamonds
  • Excellent service guarantees

Where does Ritani ship from?

Ritani has several locations around US, but it’s the their NY office which is responsible for operation and fulfilment.

Ritani shipping costs

As mentioned above, Ritani offers free shipping for any purchase you’ve made to anywhere in the world. Not only is shipping free, but insurance is also included.

One things to know is that if you are an international buyer is that will be responsible for any duties, VAT, taxes, surcharges etc levied or charged by your country, so it’s a good

And, if you are considering buying from Ritani and want to make sure that it will work with your timings, it’s a good idea to click through to see the shipping time for the item you’re interested in, to make sure that it works for you.