Carrie Underwoods’s engagement ring

The ultimate guide to Carrie’s diamond ring

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Carrie Underwood’s engagement ring quickly caught everyone’s eye, and ushered in a trend tidal wave of colored diamond engagement rings when she debuted it on the red carpet in 2009.

The country music superstar wed hockey player Mike Fisher on July 10th, 2010, on the scenic lawn of Georgia’s Ritz-Carlton Reynolds Plantation resort. Fisher managed to keep the

moment of his proposal special and top secret by proposing privately at Carrie’s parent’s home.

Carrie Underwoods Engagement Ring Mike Fisher and Carrie Underwood

The happy couple’s love story has a sweet and humble beginning. The two were originally set up on a blind date by mutual friends following a concert in 2008. Carrie was initially nervous, so the event became a group date with friends.

Obviously they immediately hit it off, dated for a year, and then got swept up in a whirlwind engagement. Their wedding ceremony was a fairytale come true, complete with lavish pink chandeliers, an elegant ballroom, and even Carrie’s dog decked out in a Swarovski crystal encrusted pink tuxedo, serving as the ring bearer.

If you’re looking for all the details about Carrie Underwood’s engagement ring, you’ve come to the right place!

You’ll find out:

  • What style Carrie Underwood’s engagement ring is
  • What size the diamond on Carrie Underwood’s engagement ring is
  • How much Carrie Underwood’s engagement ring is worth

Carrie Underwood’s engagement ring pictures

Our best glimpse to date of Carrie Underwood’s engagement ring was this ring-selfie she snapped for a good cause, and uploaded to her Instagram. She tagged the image with #PutTheNailInIt to support the movement to help bring awareness to domestic violence.

Carrie Underwoods Engagement Ring Close Up

This photo gives us all of the info we need! Carrie’s ring is a halo setting with pavé diamonds along the sides. Her center stone is a beautiful round cut yellow diamond.

This next photo provides a look at the ring’s side. The pavé appears to extend around the ring.

Carrie Underwoods Engagement Ring Side View

What style setting is Carrie Underwood’s engagement ring?

Carrie’s ring is a platinum halo setting with pavé diamonds extending along its sides. The overall look is thoroughly modern, but with a classy nod to vintage style.

Of course the most striking feature of Carrie’s engagement ring is that gorgeous yellow diamond in the center, or Canary diamond as they are commonly known.

In the realm of colored diamonds, yellow are the most common. But that certainly doesn’t make them commonplace – only 1 carat out of every 10,000 carats mined is a natural fancy color yellow diamond. They have gained tremendous popularity for their beauty, as well as their relatively affordable prices when compared to other colored diamonds.

Carrie Underwoods Engagement Ring Yellow Diamonds

The term Canary refers to pure yellow diamonds with a strong shade of color. Keep in mind when you’re on the hunt for such a stone that although almost everyone knows what Canary diamond means, the GIA description would state “fancy yellow” in the color description and not canary.

What shape is Carrie Underwood’s engagement ring?

The center stone of Carrie’s ring is a classic round brilliant cut. This shape is by far the most traditional and popular way to go. Engagement rings featuring round cut diamonds account for roughly 75% of all engagement rings sold.

Carrie Underwoods Engagement Ring Round Brilliant Cut

Round brilliant diamonds are the sparkliest stones out there, and that’s just a fact. No other shape can compete with its fire, brilliance, and scintillation. A well cut round brilliant can look larger, appear to have better color, and hide flaws and imperfections that would stand out in other diamond cuts.

How many carats is Carrie Underwood’s engagement ring?

Carrie Underwood’s center yellow diamond is approximately 5 carats, while the total ring includes 12 carats worth of diamonds.

Carrie Underwoods Engagement Ring Diamond Size Chart

Where is Carrie Underwood’s engagement ring from?

The distinct design of Carrie’s engagement ring was co-crafted by one of her favorite jewelry designers, Jonathan Arndt and Mike Fisher himself.

Carrie Underwoods Engagement Ring Official Image

Arndt is known for creating artistic designs that incorporate both a vintage and edgy feel. When asked about the ring he was quoted as saying, “This ring is a symbol of love from Mike Fisher to Carrie Underwood.”

How much did Carrie Underwood’s engagement ring cost? And what’s it really worth?!

Carrie Underwood’s engagement ring cost Mike Fisher approximately $150,000. Underwood’s yellow diamond center stone classifies as VVS1 in terms of clarity and has vivid color.

Just for a point of comparison this 5 carat VVS2 yellow diamond is currently going for almost $77,000 at one of my recommended retailers. Factoring in the solid platinum setting, and numerous high quality melee diamonds, Mike Fisher honestly probably got a deal.

Carrie Underwoods Engagement Ring Carat Yellow Diamond Cost Comparison

Carrie Underwood’s Engagement Ring Copy

If you’re looking to imitate Carrie Underwood’s unique ring style, don’t worry, you can do it for much less – you don’t necessarily need to go for a full 5 carats in your round center diamond.

Colored diamonds have become increasingly popular for engagement rings lately, and the look can also be easily achieved by using yellow sapphire, or other beautiful look-alike gems. Here are three stellar options to do just that: 

Our first contender is a very close match. It features a platinum halo setting, with pavé sides, and can be customized with a round yellow diamond center stone just like Carrie Underwood’s.

Carrie Underwoods Engagement Ring James Allen Copy

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This next option is still very similar in terms of look and spirit to Carrie Underwood’s engagement ring, but also a big money saver. The setting is luxurious platinum, featuring a halo and pavé just like Carrie’s ring, but with the key difference of swapping out a stunning yellow sapphire in place of a costly yellow diamond.

Carrie Underwoods Engagement Ring Gemvara Copy

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For choice number three we have a more streamlined traditional option, for the classic bride who still wishes to make a nod towards Carrie Underwood’s signature style. This ring is a solitaire setting in platinum, which allows the cheery color of the round cut yellow diamond to really pop.

Carrie Underwoods Engagement Ring Leibiesh Copy

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