How to sell Tacori Jewelry

Make sure you get the best price when you resell your Tacori 

The Tacori name is synonymous with luxury and firmly established as some of the most beautiful bridal jewelry available.

But tastes and circumstances change, and we don’t need to hold on to our Tacori jewelry forever.

In this blog you’ll learn everything you need to know about how to successfully sell your Tacori jewelry, including how to ensure you receive the most possible for your items.

sell tacori jewelry

Why Tacori jewelry is so prized

Before we can understand the best way to sell our Tacori jewelry, it’s interesting to take a look at the brand’s history to understand why it has become such a sought-after item.

The Tacori company was born out of the love between co-founders, and spouses, Gilda and Haig Tacorian. Both hailing from Romania, Gilda’s father had been a goldsmith under the Communist regime and had actually served a year in prison for producing gold wedding bands. Possessing some American heritage, Gilda and her family were eventually granted permission to emigrate to the United States in 1962, with Haig following in 1970.

Tacori Haig and Gilda

Tacori founders Haig and Gilda Tacorian

By 1972  Haig Tacorian, Gilda, and her father had formed their first jewelry company as a trio, B & T Jewelers. In 1973 Haig and Gilda were married, cementing the future of the Tacorian family and what would eventually be Tacori jewelry.

Tacori Multiple Diamond Engagement Rings

After Hilda and Haig tied the knot, they founded Tacori in downtown Los Angeles’ world-renowned jewelry district. The rest is history.

Originally focused on selling pearls, the company expanded into diamonds in the early 1990s and by 2005 had established itself as a bridal jewelry specialist. Their heirloom-quality designs soon attracted a loyal following.

Fame came to the brand when some of their engagement and wedding rings were chosen for use on the popular TV show, The Bachelor. In subsequent seasons of the show there were actually appearances by Paul Tacorian, and sneak-peak visits into the Tacori workshop. The buzz skyrocketed Tacori into the public consciousness, and their engagement rings became in high demand.

Tacori Bachelor Proposal

Tacori used on The Bachelor

Over the years the company’s designs have evolved and modernized. The signature crescent branding has been developed and utilized in different ways throughout the collections and the brand has expanded to include mixed metal jewelry, collaborations, and fashion jewelry.

Tacori Modern Ring Setting

The Tacori brand continues to remain synonymous with elegance, and artistry while ensurig that jewelry lovers of all kinds are able to experience a taste of the brand.

From high jewelry pieces such as the Classic Crescent RoyalT ring below, to the more attainable ones such as the Petite Pave Crescent Ceiling Ring, each still bear the impeccable craftsmanship that Tacori is known for.

Tacori Pear Diamond Earrings

Tacori Pear Diamond Earrings

Tacori Amethyst Ring

Tacori Amethyst ring

Tacori Engagement Ring

Tacori Engagement Ring

What type of Tacori jewelry can be sold?

Over its short but prolific history, Tacori has produced a variety of types and styles of jewelry, and if you’re looking to sell your Tacori jewelry, then that’s good news for you. No matter what piece you may own, you will be able to find an interested buyer, somewhere.

One thing to know though, is that the price you receive for your Tacori jewelry when selling is that can be dependant on a couple of factors:

  • Condition
  • Provenance


All jewelry bears a history; no matter how it is cared for, if it’s worn at all, it will necessarily pick up some nicks and scratches.

Some commonly used terms to describe pre-owned jewelry are as follows:

  • mint condition
  • excellent condition
  • good condition
  • fair condition
  • poor condition

When selling to a jewelry professional, it is likely that they will be intending to sell the piece on after improving its condition. That said, the better the condition of the piece, the less work will be required of the buyer; therefore, pieces in better condition should command a higher price.


Provenance can be defined as the history of ownership of a valued object or work of art or literature.

There are multiple reasons why it is important to be able to demonstrate the provenance of your Tacori jewelry:

  1. It proves ownership over the piece, and that it is therefore legally yours to sell.
  2. It proves that the piece is genuine.

Possessing items such as your receipt, the box, jewelry bag, and other appropriate accoutrements that were included with your Tacori jewelry purchase will raise your buyer’s confidence in the provenance of the piece:

Tacori Gift Box

Your options when selling your Tacori jewelry

Once you’ve made the decision to sell, it’s understandable that you would want to get the best price possible for your Tacori jewelry.

When selling your Cartier jewelry, there are a few things to consider:

  • What you are selling
  • What is more important for you – price or speed of sale
  • How much you value certainty

In this section, we’ll look at the different options for where you can sell, and a few things to take into consideration when deciding which is the best fit for you.

  1. The Diamond Oak
  2. The Diamond Oak

    The Diamond Oak is a business founded by a third generation dealer and operating out of the heart of New York's Diamond District.

    Specializing in buying and selling pre-owned and vintage designer jewelry allows them to offer more as they always know they will be able to find an interested buyer.

    In mystery shopping tests, we have consistently found that The Diamond Oak offers more for designer jewelry, plus the personalized experience of dealing directly with Alon, the business's founder, is second to none.

    • Designer jewelry specialist means high prices can be offered
    • Highest prices paid in mystery shops
    • Direct communication with the founder results in a smooth process
    • Doesn't have the reach of an online marketplace
    • Smaller company so may not be able to make as many offers as a large marketplace
    Learn more
  4. is a marketplace which connects jewelry seller directly to a network of nearly 1,000 professional jewelry buyers across the US who bid on their items.

    The huge benefit of this is that the competition that is created can result in higher prices paid. What does need to be considered though is that Worthy's commission needs to be taken into account. This varies depending on the value of your item.

    It's definitely worth clicking through to see recent purchases to understand how much the final sale price is likely to be.

    • Reach can result in higher prices paid
    • Easy to see previous purchase prices
    • Great reviews and smooth process
    • Need to allow for Worthy's fees when understanding how much you will
    • Don't always accept low value items
    • Some reports that Worthy encourages buyers to set a low reserve price
    Learn more See recent sales
  5. Have You Seen the Ring
  6. Have You Seen the Ring

    Have You Seen The Ring is another marketplace which matches jewelry sellers with potential customers.

    Commission varies from a very steep 30% for items up to $1,500 to 10% for sales over $10,000.

    While the concept is a good one, auctions aren't a defined limit, unlike some competitors, which means that sellers need to hope that a buyer looking for their exact ring sees the auction, which could take a while.

    • Links sellers directly with end buyers, rather than a jewelry trade buyers means cutting out a middle man
    • Good reviews and smooth user experience
    • Smaller platform means that rings seem to take longer to sell
    • Steep commissions for smaller transactions
    Learn more
  7. I Do Now I Don't
  8. I Do Now I Don't

    I do now I don’t is a marketplace that allows people to list their diamond rings for sale.

    Sellers are charged a commission, depending on the value of the item they’re selling - this varies from 20% for items under $5,000 to 10% for items over $50,000.

    Unlike Worthy, where the people buying the rings are jewelry professionals, buyers on are regular consumers.

    While the idea is a good one and they do appear to have happy customers, there is an extremely high % of people who have graded I do now I don’t as 1 star – nearly a third of all people who have left reviews on TrustPilot, while the BBB rating is currently 'F'. While it’s always a good idea to take online reviews with a pinch of salt, this is higher than I would be comfortable with for such a significant transaction as selling high value jewelry.

    While there are also a number of good reviews, common complaints are of poor communication from the team there, and delays in sending payment.

    • Appears to have good reach with reasonably quick sell-through
    • Dealing directly with end customers cuts out one layer
    • Commissions are reasonable
    • Currently scores an F on the Better Business Bureau website
    • Signifcant number of unhappy reviews on Trustpilot, although some of these are older
    Learn more
    Lasso Brag

Understanding how much your Tacori jewelry is worth

One of the first things to understand is how much your jewelry is likely to be worth when selling it.

You may have a jewelry appraisal stored away with a value attached to it, which you have used for insurance purposes.

While there are a few types of appraisals, it’s likely that yours will list the price that it would cost to replace the item with a new, or equivalent, piece.

sell tacori jewelry

Unfortunately, the value on your appraisal isn’t the same as the amount that someone would actually be willing to buy the jewelry from you for. The reason being, that anyone who would buy it from you now, would then be looking to sell it as ‘used’ for lower than the price of a ‘new’ replacement item and still make a profit.

The amount that someone is actually willing to pay for an item is known as the ‘fair market value’.

Tacori Appraisal Types

Determining the fair market value of something can be tricky, and many people look online to try and understand how much their Tacori jewelry might now be going for.

One of the most famous sites for high quality vintage jewelry is, which specializes in selling from professional jewelry dealers to the public.

Many jewelry lovers enjoy browsing the wares on 1stDibs and it’s not uncommon to assume that if you see a comparable piece of jewelry being sold on there, then you may be able to receive a similar price for your own piece.

Unfortunately, however, the prices on 1stDibs are not a good guide on how much you are likely to get when you sell your jewelry, as the prices advertised are the prices that a jewelry dealer is selling them for, including making a profit once 1stDibs’ fees and all their other costs have been taken out.

However, it can be useful to get a ballpark figure of how much a jeweller may be willing to pay for your item.

For example, this Tacori GIA 1.04 Carat Diamond Engagement Ring may be listed for $15,400:

Tacori 1st Dibs Ring

However, as with buying many vintage pieces, prices aren’t fixed and dealers are usually open to negotiation.

Underneath the ‘Purchase’ button, you can see there is a ‘make an offer’ button, which says that sellers are most likely to accept offers of 5% – 20% off the $15,400 price:

Tacori st Dibs Make an Offer

5% to 20% offer below the listed price is a $770 to $3,080 reduction on the original $15,400 price.

This reduces the amount that the jeweller is likely to receive for the ring to between $12,320 and $14,630

Then 1stDibs’ commission fee needs to be taken into account. This is a 15% commission fee plus a 3% processing cost, which would reduce the price that the seller actually receives to between $10,102 – $11,996.

Most jewellers will look to buy jewelry for around half of what they are sure they can sell it for, so in order for this to make sense for the dealer, it’s likely that they would aim to buy a ring like this for around half of the $10,102- $11,996 figures.

This would mean that a jeweller is likely to pay around $5,051-$5,998 for this particular ring.

Selling Tacori direct to a jewelry dealer

The best way to get the most money for your Tacori jewelry is to eliminate as many layers between you and the person buying it as possible.

In essence, to talk directly to the type of people who are buying through, but without having to pay Worthy the commission and reduce the amount you make.

Our recommendation is The Diamond Oak

We’ve seen hundreds of people successfully sell their jewelry to The Diamond Oak and feel that they currently offer the best balance of best price and service quality.

Best of all, working with Alon you will get a fair price extremely quickly, instead of having to wait for an auction to run its course and then pay the fees out of the sales price. Alon’s process is:

  1. Complete a form on The Diamond Oak’s website
  2. Alon will get back to you with an estimate, usually the next business day
  3. If you like the estimate, Alon will provide a pre-paid and insured shipping label
  4.  Once he’s received it, Alon will check that all looks OK, and then pay straight away.
Recommended Tacori buyer
The Diamond Oak
If you have Tacori jewelry that you are looking to sell, Alon at The Diamond Oak will guide you through the process and ensure that you receive the very best price possible – just click through and fill out the form and he’ll get straight back to you with an offer for you to consider.