Brian Gavin Ring Box

When you present your engagement ring, you want to make sure that your ring is presented in the best possible light, and the box that it is sitting in will undoubtedly contribute to that.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the Brian Gavin ring box, as well as the box that it will actually arrive in when it’s posted to you. Click through to check out their range of jewelry here.

Brian Gavin ring box

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The Brian Gavin Engagement Ring Box

Your jewelry purchase will come in a ring box. It is a beautifully presented slide out box.

Brian Gavin ring box

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Excellent Diamond Quality
Brian Gavin

Why we recommend Brian Gavin:

Brian Gavin is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a top quality diamond, with their super ideal cuts covering round, princess cut, cushion, emerald cut and oval.

Brian Gavin also has some innovative diamond offerings that other jewelers don't, like 'Brian Gavin Blue' which offers diamonds with high fluorescence grades but which aren't negatively affected by this.

  • Top quality diamond cuts across a range of shapes
  • High quality lab diamonds - not just positioning them as a 'cheap' option
  • Excellent custom design service, for both engagement rings and other jewelry

Brian Gavin’s packaging

When you receive your ring from Brian Gavin, the ring box arrives with the diamond’s grading report and a few other nice touches like a microfibre cleaning cloth.

The documents that are supplied in the box are:

  • The diamond’s certificate or grading report
  • An appraisal
  • A quality assurance guarantee from Brian Gavin
  • A guide to caring for your new jewelry

What box does Brian Gavin jewelry actually arrive in?

Nothing would give the game away more than an engagement ring arriving in shipping box with a retailer’s name obviously displayed on it.

Brian Gavin Box

Thankfully, this isn’t a worry with Brian Gavin. Your diamond jewelry be shipped from Brian Gavin in a box with nothing to indicate that it is from Brian Gavin.

Brian Gavin box address

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