Brian Gavin Military Discount

We’ll keep this short:

Brian Gavin DO offer a military discount.

However, the actual discount amount can’t be found on their website.

Brian Gavin military discount

We’ve also written a detailed Brian Gavin review here if you want some further reading.

Brian Gavin Military Discount

The only mention of a military discount on the Brian Gavin site is on this blog post, where they are responding to an enquiry from someone who was enquiring on behalf of their son.

brian gavin military discount blog

However, frustratingly they don’t actually say what the military discount is!

We emailed Brian Gavin to ask, who confirmed that their military discount is 2%:

brian gavin millitary discount email

There are a couple of things to note with this military discount – it cannot be combined with any other discount, with the exception of the listed wire discount on the diamond – and Brian Gavin will need to manually generate the invoice to apply this to your order.

Excellent Diamond Quality
Brian Gavin

Why we recommend Brian Gavin:

Brian Gavin is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a top quality diamond, with their super ideal cuts covering round, princess cut, cushion, emerald cut and oval.

Brian Gavin also has some innovative diamond offerings that other jewelers don't, like 'Brian Gavin Blue' which offers diamonds with high fluorescence grades but which aren't negatively affected by this.

  • Top quality diamond cuts across a range of shapes
  • High quality lab diamonds - not just positioning them as a 'cheap' option
  • Excellent custom design service, for both engagement rings and other jewelry