Looking to buy an engagement ring, but no idea where to start?

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3 Ways This Book Will Help You:


Get The Ring She Wants

  • Decide whether you should get her involved, or go it alone.
  • Find out what her dream ring is without her ever knowing what you’re up to.
  • Propose with a blinging rock but still involve her in choosing the ring.


Buy Smarter

  • What really matters in the 4 Cs of diamonds.
  • Choose the right metal for the band.
  • Get the ring size spot on.
  • Why rubies, sapphires & emeralds aren’t suitable but what you can do to make it work.


Save Big

  • Score a huge reduction in the price of your diamond.
  • Use the web to save over 50% on your ring.
  • The only type of online store you should ever consider.
  • Haggle and out-negotiate experienced jewelers.

All this for just $7.95

(That’s less than an orange mocha frappuccino and a fancy danish)

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How To Buy An Engagement Ring Book

But what if she sees the book?

What if you share an iPad with your girlfriend?  Wouldn’t she be a little suspicious if you had an eBook called ‘How To Buy An Engagement Ring’?  Wouldn’t that give the game away just a little?

Introducing ‘Undercover Covers’ – three man-friendly book covers especially designed to throw your girlfriend off the scent.

The same great content to give you the inside info on how to score a fantastic ring at a great price, but with no chance that your girl will know what you’re up to.

A Game Of Rings

The Search For The Elusive Ring Continues


Dragons! Swords! Midgets! All things she couldn’t care less about

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Inside The Ring

What The Mob Don’t Want You To Know


This cover will keep the code of omerta for you

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Echo Romeo

One man’s mission to discover the truth


Travel the world! Meet interesting people! Shoot them!

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Or, if you’d prefer to read a hard copy of How To Buy An Engagement Ring