Diamond pendant necklace: a perfect gift


Diamond pendant necklace: always a perfect gift

Diamond pendant necklaces are a classic style that will add a touch of luxury to any outfit.

Their versatility make them the perfect piece of jewellery to give a present, but the sheer variety of pendant necklaces can make choosing the perfect one tricky.

Things to consider include:

  • Solitaire pendant necklaces vs. clusters of diamonds
  • How to maximise the impressiveness for your budget
  • Natural vs. lab created diamonds

We’ll look at 9 different pendant necklaces in a variety of styles. Click through to find out more about each of them, and also to see the other options that each jeweller offers.

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Diamond pendant necklaces FAQs

TCW means ‘total carat weight’ and is the total weight of all of the diamonds added together.
Larger diamonds are more expensive than smaller ones and a single 1 carat diamond is significantly more expensive than two 0.5 carat diamonds.
Some retailers try and make their jewellery seem more impressive, and more expensive, by increase the the total carat weight using small diamonds and charging a similar price to a necklace with a single, significant diamond. However, these retailers are actually offering poor value.

There is no right or wrong answer to this, and it is entirely down to the preference of the wearer of the necklace.
Lab grown diamonds are indistinguishable from natural diamonds and have hugely grown in acceptance over the last 3 years.
However, if you are buying it for a gift and the potential wearer hasn’t ever expressed an affinity for lab grown diamonds, it may be safer to choose a natural diamonds.

The prices of diamonds varies significantly depending on the quality and weight of the diamond. The key factors to consider are the ‘4Cs’: cut, colour, clarity and carat weight
However, one of the biggest things that will affect the price you pay is where you choose to buy it from.
Identical diamonds can be sold for significantly different amounts at different retailers, so it’s always worth comparing similar necklaces to determine the best value.

Our top diamond pendant necklaces choices:

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