Bogarts Jewellers ring selection

Bogarts Jewellers offer a wide range of engagement ring styles on their website – around 123 at our count.

1. Bogarts Jewellers review engagement ring style

The engagement ring styles that Bogarts Jewellers sell are a mixture of solitaire, halo, three stone and cluster rings.

Solitaire and halo settings are two classic styles that have stood the test of time. Solitaire settings are generally less expensive setting than other styles and are great for keeping the focus on the centre stone, while a halo setting can make your ring stone look larger and more impressive.

Cluster set diamond rings are where several smaller diamonds are placed close together to give the impression of a larger stone. A cluster of smaller stones generally costs less than one larger diamond, so cluster settings can be a good option for those with a tighter budget.

A huge positive in Bogarts’s engagement ring selection is the variety of metals that are available – you can choose from white gold, yellow gold, rose gold or platinum:

2. Bogarts Jewellers review diamond style
3. Bogarts Jewellers review metal

Bogarts offers their engagement ring selection in a wide variety of different shapes, including cushion cut, emerald, round and more. Round diamonds are the most common, for good reason – they sparkle the most out of any diamond shape.

However, it’s good that Bogart’s also offers elongated shapes like the emerald cut and oval, which are currently very popular:

4. Bogarts Jewellers review diamond shape

Overall, Bogarts offers an impressive range of ring styles so you should be able to find the style that suits your taste.

Bogarts Jewellers diamond quality

Engagement rings are all about the diamond, and being able to choose a diamond that will sparkle brilliantly will make the difference between a truly stunning engagement ring and one that looks dull and unimpressive.

In this section of our Bogarts review, we’ll examine the quality of diamonds they offer, as well as how transparent they are about the quality of the diamonds themselves.

bogarts diamond quality

Bogarts understand the importance of 4Cs of diamonds and discuss it on the ‘Learn’ page of their website:

5. Bogarts Jewellers review 4Cs

Bogarts have a big focus on lab-created, as well as natural ‘mined’ diamonds. As we all know, the biggest determinant of the cost of a diamond ring is the diamond itself and Bogarts Jewellers offers a range of carat weights from; 0.26 carat all the way to over 2 carats. This is a good range of carat weight where you can choose a carat that fits your taste and budget.

6. Bogarts Jewellers review carat

I’m a big fan of customizability, but unfortunately Bogarts don’t allow you to choose colour and clarity of the diamond in their ready-made engagement rings; they have pre-determined spec’s for the diamond colour and clarity.

If you choose well, this isn’t the biggest deal and they do offer some good combinations of color and clarity. For example, this 1 carat lab grown princess cut diamond ring offers VS2 clarity and E/F color.

7. Bogarts Jewellers review clarity and color

This is a pretty solid set of specs – VS2 clarity is a good level to aim for as below this grade, ‘inclusions’ can sometimes be seen in the diamond, while above VS2 most diamonds will look identical to the naked eye but will be more expensive.

In their ‘made to order’ diamond rings, Bogarts does allow you to choose a diamond, but the colour and clarity are very limited as you are asked to pick from a selection of five:

10. Bogarts Jewellers review made to order

While this could be helpful to help narrow your choices, the grades that are offered are lower than I would usually recommend in order to get a beautiful diamond.

For example, Bogarts offers I1 clarity which is pretty low down on the clarity scale:

10 Clarity scale canadian diamond comparison

An I1 diamond usually has obvious flaws that are easily seen with the naked eye, like the diamond below:

Bogarts jewellers review I1 diamond

Carat weight is generally the biggest determinant of its price, but the factor that determines how much a diamond sparkles is the ‘cut’.

Diamond cut is a measure of how well the diamond has been formed and it is essential that a diamond has good proportions to reflect light; otherwise it will be dull, lifeless and unimpressive. If a diamond is too tall or too shallow, it won’t reflect much light and therefore won’t sparkle.

Diamond is too shallow:

shallow diamond

Light passes through the diamond and is lost, meaning the diamond looks dull and sparkles less than it should.

shallow diamond real pic

Diamond is too deep:

deep diamond

Light is bounced off the bottom facets at the wrong angle and is lost out of the side of the diamond, reducing sparkle.

deep diamond real pic

Excellent / Ideal cut:

excellent cut diamond

Light is reflected off the bottom facets and back through the table to your eye, meaning the diamond sparkles beautifully.

excellent cut diamond pic

Understanding the cut quality of a diamond is absolutely essential to be able to understand whether it will sparkle. If you don’t know the cut quality then you may very well be wasting your money.

In the education section of their site, Bogarts Jewellers clearly explain the importance of cut:

“Not to be confused with shape (i.e. round, oval, princess), the cut of a diamond affects the brilliance, fire and scintillation; in other words, how much a diamond glitters.”

9. Bogarts Jewellers review cut

Despite knowing the importance of cut quality, Bogarts Jewellers don’t show diamond cut grade information on their product filter and product details in their ready made engagement ring diamonds. Which means it’s impossible to know whether these diamonds will sparkle beautifully, or be dull and lifeless.

In their ‘made to order’ rings, Bogarts groups together VG (very good) and excellent cut grades, which means that if you choose to add one of these to your ring, you may get one or the other:

11. Bogarts Jewellers review made to order cut

This is definitely not ideal. A diamond with a ‘very good’ cut grade will sparkle significantly less than an ‘excellent’ cut diamond and is also worth significantly less.

As a diamond buyer, you wouldn’t want to get stuck with the lower grades and when I asked about this to their customer service using both email and messenger chat, they don’t response regarding to this matter. Not a great experience and I definitely wouldn’t want to get stuck with a ‘very good’ cut quality diamond rather than an ‘excellent cut’ .

Bogarts Jewellers diamond grading labs

Diamonds are graded on four key factors – carat, color, clarity and cut – and a host of smaller factors too. Diamonds which score higher are generally more expensive – an F color diamond will be pricier than an H color, if everything is the same.

It’s important therefore that diamond grading levels can be trusted – you don’t want to pay more for an F color diamond if it is actually an H. This is why independent diamond testing labs are important. An independent testing lab doesn’t have any incentive to say that a diamond is higher quality than it is, as they don’t make any more money if they do. In fact, if they bump up diamond quality grades, it may mean people trust them less, which might mean they make less money.

Retailers DO have an incentive to increase diamond quality scores, as it will mean that they can sell a diamond for a higher price. For this reason, I recommend that you always look for a diamond which has been graded by an independent authority – my usually recommendation is the GIA, although there are other good diamonds ‘labs’ too.

Bogarts don’t show any information about grading labs. When I ask their customer service team about it through Facebook Messenger they said “IGI for laboratory grown”.

12. Bogarts Jewellers review grading lab

IGI laboratory is a good grading lab too but less strict than the GIA lab. Bogarts didn’t respond to enquiries when we asked about the certificates that accompany their natural diamonds.

Ideally Bogarts would make it much easier to see the certifications that accompany their diamonds, so that engagement ring buyers can have more confidence in the quality of the diamonds.

Bogarts Jewellers service

Buying an engagement ring is a special purchase, and you want to have confidence that Bogarts will not only treat you well while buying your ring, but also that they will stand behind their product after the purchase too.

bogarts service

Bogarts has 7 stores in Newfoundland, which means you have the option to visit the store to see a design you like in person and try it on.

They offer good services such as financing, jewellery appraisals and jewellery repair – all big positives.

Bogarts has a 14 day refund policy if you are not happy with your purchase – this is very short period as other stores usually offer 30 days.

Their exchange policy is within 30 days but if the items you purchased was a discount of 40% or higher it cannot be returned or exchanged.

Looking at Google reviews, Bogarts’ Mount Pearl store scores 4.8 stars from 56 reviews, indicating that people are happy with the service they have received:

Bogarts google review

Bogarts Jewellers value for money

The easiest way to understand whether Bogarts offers good value for money is to compare it to others.

Buying a diamond ring is a big commitment – both financially and emotionally. So it’s important that you ensure sure that you are getting good value for money and aren’t spending more than you need to. After all, if you’re buying an engagement ring, it’s likely that you will have a wedding to pay for soon.

bogarts value for money

To judge Bogart’s value for money, we’ll compare them to one of my recommendations for where to buy a diamond ring: James Allen.

James Allen is one of the leaders in online diamond sales and leverages its scale to deliver great value that many retailers struggle to match.

To see how Bogart’s sizes up, we’ll keep the ring style, diamond clarity, metal, colour, carat as similar as possible. A good way to compare is looking at solitaire diamond rings as they are simple and timeless, without an ornate setting to make the comparison more complicated.

Looking at made-to-order rings from Bogarts, they offer a 1 carat, round diamond with VG or excellent cut, H-I colour and SI2 clarity and a platinum setting for $7,099.:

14. Bogarts Jewellers review value for money bogarts
15. Bogarts Jewellers review value for money bogarts 2

As stated before, combining cut grades is not ideal. The difference in appearance and value between an excellent cut grade, H colour diamond compared to a VG cut grade, I colour diamond is significant.

When comparing this ring to my recommended retailer, we’ll use the highest specs that the Bogarts ring could be, so we’ll compared a 1 carat diamond with excellent cut, H colour and SI2 clarity. These grades are GIA certified, so we can be certain that the grades are as advertised.

The total price for the ring is $6,370:

16. Bogarts Jewellers review value for money james

You can save $729, from buying from my recommended store James Allen over Bogarts, and we are not even sure of what colour or cut you’re getting with the Bogarts diamond!

Bogarts comparison value

If we were to choose a James Allen diamond with the lower colour and cut grade that the Bogarts ring could be, the difference would be even larger, while still being accompanied by a GIA grading report so that you could be sure that you were getting what you are paying for.

Of course, this is just an example, and the ring you are looking for may be very different to this.

Buying from a retailer outside Canada may be daunting, but we have a guide with everything you nede to know about buying from James Allen while you’re in Canada.

It’s worth noting that with the money you would save by buying from James Allen instead of Bogarts, you could:

  • Increase the carat weight of the diamond
  • Increase the quality of the diamond
  • Spend it on a really special proposal
  • Put it towards your wedding cost

Or possibly all of this!

The prices at James Allen may be different on the day you look – maybe higher, maybe lower – it’s worth clicking through to see today’s prices for exactly what you’re looking for.

Bogarts Jewellers Review
  • Ring selection
  • Diamond quality
  • Service quality
  • Value for money

Do we recommend Bogarts Jewellers?

Bogarts have built a good business in Newfoundland, with 7 conveniently located stores which means if you have one local to you, you can visit and view diamonds and rings in person.

They’ve adopted lab grown diamonds more quickly than many other jewellers, which I feel is a good thing. It means that people can get a larger, more impressive diamond for a lower price, if they would like to.

Service-wise, a 14 days return policy is short if you feel your ring is not right, but their positive reviews indicate that people are happy with the service they have receive.

However, ultimately it’s difficult to look past the lack of value that they offer. An online specialist like James Allen can offer more value than Bogarts, while also offering higher quality diamonds accompanied by a trustworthy grading report so you can be confident in your purchase. And ultimately, getting more value on your ring means more money to put towards your big day, or making your proposal even more special. For me, that’s a no-brainer.


  • Many stores available in Newfoundland
  • Seems to offer great service
  • Online experience can make choosing a diamond less confusing


  • Groups qualities together, which could mean you get a diamond with lower than anticipated quality
  • 14 days return-policy
  • High prices compared to online specialists