Ben Moss ring selection

Ben Moss offers a huge selection of engagement rings on their website – 551 at the time of review:

1. Ben Moss review diamond style

Many styles are available, with the most common being the solitaire and the halo – two classic styles that have stood the test of time. The halo setting is a ring of small accent stones, typically pave diamonds, that encircle a larger center stone. Halo settings can be the same shape as the center stone, or they can be different, such as a cushion-cut halo around a round diamond.

As with most other jewellers, the most common centre stone shape that Ben Moss offers is the round brilliant:

3. Ben Moss review stone shape

Round diamonds are a great choice because they are the shape that reflects the most light and sparkles the most. However, Ben Moss does also offer a wide range of other shapes too, including a limited selection of some less common shapes like the marquise and heart shaped diamond.

Overall, there’s an impressive range of ring styles and diamond shapes on offer from Ben Moss, which means you should be able to find something that suits your taste.

Ben Moss diamond quality

Engagement rings are all about the diamond, and being able to choose a diamond that will sparkle brilliantly will make the difference between a truly stunning engagement ring and one that looks dull and unimpressive.

In this section, we’ll examine the quality of diamonds Ben Moss offers, as well as how transparent they are about the quality of the diamonds themselves.

ben moss diamond quality

As you probably know, the biggest determinant of the cost of a diamond ring is the diamond itself, and Ben Moss offers a range of carat weights from under 0.15 carats all the way to nearly 3 carats.

6. Ben Moss review diamond carat

Again, this wide range means that you are likely to be able to find a ring that fits your desired style and your budget.

But diamond carat is just one of the ‘Four Cs’, with the other three being Cut, Colour and Clarity. Some people also include and ‘Certification’ as a fifth C and we will discuss the importance of this later.

While carat weight may be the biggest determinant of diamond price, the factor that determines how much a diamond sparkles is diamond ‘cut’. Diamond cut is a measure of how well the diamond has been formed and it is essential that a diamond has good proportions to reflect light; otherwise it will be dull, lifeless and unimpressive.

If a diamond is too tall or too shallow, it won’t reflect much light:

Diamond is too shallow:

shallow diamond

Light passes through the diamond and is lost, meaning the diamond looks dull and sparkles less than it should.

shallow diamond real pic

Diamond is too deep:

deep diamond

Light is bounced off the bottom facets at the wrong angle and is lost out of the side of the diamond, reducing sparkle.

deep diamond real pic

Excellent / Ideal cut:

excellent cut diamond

Light is reflected off the bottom facets and back through the table to your eye, meaning the diamond sparkles beautifully.

excellent cut diamond pic

Understanding the cut quality of a diamond is absolutely essential to be able to understand whether it will sparkle. If you don’t know the cut quality then you may very well be wasting your money.

Unlike other retail jewellers, Ben Moss doesn’t allow you to select diamond cut grade in their product filter, and it is not usually shown in the details of individual rings. This means we can’t tell whether a diamond is likely to sparkle well, or be dull.

When I asked them about this through email they said; “Cut grade is not commonly information customers ask for but should you have a particular piece in mind I would be happy to request the information on your behalf”:

7. Ben Moss review cut grade Copy

This is a red flag as being able to select the cut quality of a diamond can ensure that you get a stone that sparkles well, which really is the whole point of buying a diamond.

Another important indicator of diamond quality is ‘clarity’, which shows how many flaws a diamond will have.

The majority of the clarity grades that Ben Moss offers are I2:

9. Ben Moss review stone clarity

I2 clarity is right at the bottom of the clarity scale: 

 i2 diamond Clarity scale

I2 clarity has obvious inclusions which can be easily seen by naked eye – most I2 diamonds have inclusions that adversely affect their transparency and brilliance, the inclusions in I2 diamonds also pose a significant durability risk to the stone.

Looking at the I2 clarity diamond below, you can see there are significant inclusions which are very easy to see:

10. Ben Moss review I2 diamond

By offering diamonds with such obvious inclusions, Ben Moss is able to offer 1 carat diamonds at prices that seem low. However, they are actually poor value as the diamond’s beauty will be negatively impacted by the flaws.

Ben Moss diamond grading labs

Diamonds are graded on four key factors – carat, colour, clarity and cut – and a host of smaller factors too.

Diamonds which score higher are generally more expensive – an F colour diamond will be pricier than an H colour, if everything also is the same.

It’s important therefore that diamond grading levels can be trusted – you don’t want to pay more for diamond that has been graded as an F colour but it is actually an H.

This is why independent diamond quality testing labs are important.

An independent testing lab doesn’t have any incentive to say that a diamond is higher quality than it is, as they don’t make any more money if they do. In fact, if they bump up diamond quality grades, it may mean people trust them less, which might mean that people use their service less and the make less money. Being able to rely on the grading scores from independent labs is a key part of comparing diamonds across retailers – you know that you are comparing like-for-like.

On the other hand, retailers DO have an incentive to increase diamond quality scores, as it will mean that they can sell a diamond for a higher price.

For this reason, I recommend that you always look for a diamond which has been graded by an independent authority – my usually recommendation is the GIA, although there are other good diamonds labs too.

Ben Moss doesn’t show information about diamond grading lab on their website. When I asked about this over email, I was told that “We use independent laboratories to grade and certify our diamonds such as IGI, Gemscan, Amsterdam and GSI.”

13. Ben Moss review certification grade

IGI has an OK reputation within the industry, although the others less so. However, none of these labs are as rigorous as GIA, which means that a diamond that is graded as an F colour, may actually be a G, H or I instead. Not ideal.

Ben Moss service

Buying an engagement ring is a special purchase, and you want to have confidence that the retailer will not only treat you well during while buying your ring, but also that they will stand behind their product after the purchase too.

ben moss service

Ben Moss has 16 stores in Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and B.C., which means you have option to visit the store to see a design you like in person and try it on.

Ben Moss offers a Lifetime Diamond Guarantee and Lifetime Extended Service Plan (ESP). This service plan will cover all necessary repairs of your jewellery for a lifetime.

As with its sister organisations, Charm Diamond Centres and Crescent Gold and Jewellery, Ben Moss offers have 30 day return policy, which is better than a lot of jewellers. Looking at reviews on Google, the reviews are split out by individual store.

As an example, the Ben Moss store in Abbotsford, BC has an impressive score of 4.1 from 39 reviews, indicating that people are pleased with the service they have received from Ben Moss, but not blown away:

14. Ben Moss review google review

Ben Moss value for money

The easiest way to understand Ben Moss offers good value for money is to compare it to others.

Buying a diamond ring is a big commitment – both financially and emotionally. So it’s important that you ensure sure that you are getting good value for money and aren’t spending more than you need to.

After all, if you’re buying an engagement ring, it’s likely that you will have a wedding to pay for soon.

ben moss value for money

To see how Ben Moss value for money compares, we’ll compare it to one of my recommendations for the best place to buy an engagement ring from – Brilliant Earth.

Brilliant Earth is a company that sells ethically sourced jewelry featuring Canadian diamonds and other gemstones.

When comparing, we’ll keep the ring style, diamond clarity, metal, colour, carat as similar as possible. A good way to compare is to look at solitaire diamond rings as they are simple and timeless, without ornate settings to make the comparison more complicated.

Looking at Ben Moss, they offer a 1 carat Canadian ‘Glacier Fire’ diamond in in a 14K White Gold setting for $7,999 plus tax.

15. Ben Moss review value for money

The centre stone in this ring is a “Glacier Fire” diamond, which means that it is laser inscribed with a unique identification number and maple leaf to guarantee it’s Canadian. Each “Glacier Fire” diamond is accompanied by a Certificate of Origin – its own unique birth certificate that gives you absolute assurance your diamond is of Canadian origin, providing excellent reassurance.

This diamond has been graded HI colour and I1 clarity, although we aren’t told what the cut quality is:

16. Ben Moss review value for money detail

While the price on the website is $7,999, the final price will obviously depend on your province.

If you are in Alberta, the final price will be $8,398.95:

17. Ben Moss review value for money tax alberta

However, if you are in Quebec, the total will be $9,196.85:

18. Ben Moss review value for money tax quebec

If you look at this price compared to my recommended retailer – Brilliant Earth, an 18k white gold ring with a Canadian diamond is priced at just $7,040:

19. Ben Moss review value for money brilliant

Of course, you will also need to pay your province’s sales taxes on top of this, but under the USMCA regulations, any diamond ring that is manufactured in the US does not have any duty applied to it, so there will be no other taxes due. You can read our full article on importing a diamond ring to Canada here.

As well as being nearly $1,000 lower in price than the ring from Ben Moss, this ring is significantly higher quality.

  • The setting is 18 karat gold, rather than 14 karat
  • It’s S1 clarity, rather than I1 – so is two grades higher and any flaws will be much less obvious
  • The diamond is H colour, rather than H/I, so will look whiter and less yellow
  • It has been independently graded as a ‘super ideal’ cut, which means it will sparkle brilliantly
  • It has been independently graded by GIA, so you know what you are getting

The actual difference is $959, meaning that the Ben Moss ring is 13.6% more expensive than the Brilliant Earth ring for a lower quality ring:

ben moss comparison value 1

This is obviously a significant difference in price

! With the $959 you would save by buying your Canadian diamond at Brilliant Earth instead of Ben Moss you could:

  • Increase the carat weight of the diamond
  • Increase the quality of the diamond
  • Spend it on a really special proposal
  • Put it towards your wedding cost

Or possibly all of this!

The prices at Brilliant Earth may be different on the day you look – maybe higher, maybe lower – it’s worth clicking through to see today’s prices for exactly what you’re looking for.

Ben Moss review
  • Ring selection
  • Diamond quality
  • Service quality
  • Value for money

Do we recommend Ben Moss?

While Ben Moss may be an established Canadian brand and part of another well-known Canadian Brand (Charm Diamond Centres), we wouldn’t recommend them for your engagement ring.

While they do offer Canadian origin diamonds, the majority of the diamonds they offer are so low quality that their beauty will be negatively impacted, with obvious flaws.

In addition, their prices are just too high for what they are offering. You can get a significantly higher quality diamond for a lower price by buying from one of my recommended retailers like Brilliant Earth.


  • Offers a wide variety of rings
  • Good service with 30 day return policy
  • Canadian-origin diamonds available


  • Offers low clarity grade diamonds
  • No cut and certification information on their website
  • High price for low quality clarity