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Buying an engagement ring can be confusing and jewelry stores are definitely not most guys natural habitat. It can be hard to make a final decision because of the nagging doubts about whether you are making the right choice.

I’ve helped countless guys find the best diamond and get the most value with their engagement ring, allowing them to be confident in their decision and resulting in ecstatic fiancées.

I’m available to answer any question, no matter how small, with a straight forward and easy to understand answer. Or, if you’re not sure where to start, then I can help with that too.

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Dom W
Cleveland, OH

“Alastair really simplifies the perhaps daunting (at first!) buying a ring experience into one that actually becomes enjoyable. You find out what really matters when choosing the right engagement ring. Would recommend Ringspo to anyone considering getting engaged as it really helped me make the right choice.”


“I came across Ringspo while trying to find a diamond online for an engagement ring. It is not a simple purchase and there is lots of info to take on board to make the right decision
I also spoke to quite a few other online specialists that help people find diamonds and engagement rings but the service from this website stood out a mile in comparison
Alastair provided detailed guidance, explanations and help together with lots of patience needed for answering what must seem like very simple questions from me
In the end Ringspo helped me find the perfect diamond within my budget. I would recommend any guy looking to buy that special ring to make their first port of call ringspo.com!”


Mic Singh
Birmingham, UK



Gerald Barton
Toronto, ON

“After trawling through the Internet and doing some research I had the chosen the setting but having no previous experience when purchasing jewellery, never mind diamonds, I then contacted Alastair. From my initial email and all future correspondence the responses I received were extremely efficient , understandable and personal. Overall a great service provided by Alastair.
I would highly recommend contacting this website if you are unsure or are having difficulty with any problems when buying your future engagement ring. The end result of my chosen setting and the knowledgeable responses and diamond selection was fantastic. Everyone has since commented on the diamond and ring.”

Ask any engagement ring question below and I’ll get straight back to you with your answer.

Being well-informed is key to being confident that you’re making a good decision and getting the most beautiful ring you can for a fair price.

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