Diamond recommendation for Alex

November 19th 2019

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Diamond specs:

Carat weight 2.12
Color: G
Clarity: VVS1
Cut grade: Excellent
Price: AU$12,088



Diamond image:

alex diamond 1 - 19-Nov-19-Alex

Holloway Cut Adviser Performance

A score of 1.5, with ‘excellent’ grades for the two major factors that affect a diamond’s sparkle and ‘very good’ for scintillation ensures that this diamond will sparkle more brilliantly than the majority of diamonds that have been awarded Ideal or Excellent cut grades.
HCA 1.5 2 e 1 vg - 19-Nov-19-Alex

Grading report

8001917 - 19-Nov-19-Alex

This diamond offers a great blend of beauty and value and would make a stunning centrepiece to your ring.